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Maksim Dark - Electronic music producer, born 7 April 1994. With a passion for minimal techno and a distinctive sound, Maksim has captivated global audiences with his innovative beats and mesmerizing performances.


Growing up surrounded by music, Maksim's journey into the electronic music scene began at a young age. His unique blend of dark, atmospheric tones and pulsating rhythms quickly set him apart in the industry.


Maksim Dark's discography boasts a series of successful releases on prominent labels: Senso Sounds, SCI+TEC, Octopus Records, Dense Audio, earning him recognition among peers and fans alike. Notable tracks such as Basserwiser, Dizziness, Confuse, Dominator. Have become anthems in the minimal techno community.


His dynamic stage presence has graced renowned venues and festivals worldwide, leaving crowds in awe of his ability to seamlessly fuse cutting-edge sounds with a magnetic energy that keeps the dance floor alive.


Beyond the turntables, Maksim is recognized for his dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music, experimenting with unconventional sounds and production techniques that continually redefine the genre.


With a commitment to artistic evolution and a growing global fanbase, Maksim Dark continues to shape the electronic music landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.


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